IRP415-US Printheadclean for Pixma MX926 (PGI560 / CLI561)

26.04.2021 08:32



If your printer's printhead is really clogged, our cleaning kit from Dr. Inkjet can be the last resort to get the good piece to print again.

This is how it works Dr. Inkjet cleaning kit:

First remove the printhead from the printer:
Switch on the printer and lift the lid so that the printer moves to the cartridge replacement position. Then pull the power plug and push the printhead correctly in the middle. Now the cartridges are removed - on some models there is a flap (CD drawer) in front of it, this is folded down and the drawer where the print head is located is pulled back. The printhead can now be removed.

After the printhead has been prepared as described in the enclosed operating instructions - the printhead cleaner is cleaned using the Dr. Inkjet vacuum tool flushed through the printhead. - See the video - This makes the ink channel really really clean!

Make the printhead nice and dry again and insert it again. Now slide the drawer back in, insert the cartridges and power up the printer again. That's it.

Scope of delivery:

- 2x Dr. Inkjet vacuum tool

- 100ml Dr. Inkjet printhead cleaner

- detailed illustrated instruction Manual

You can find our printhead cleaning kit here

Tools required for this: (not included in delivery) 1x tweezers, 1x bowl slightly larger than the print head and a large kitchen roll

Our cleaning set is not suitable for bringing print heads back to printing where the electronics are already broken - however, after using the Dr. Inkjet vacuum tools whether the print head has any other damage - than a blockage!

Compatibel to Printer


Printheadclean for IP7260 

Printheadclean for MG5560 

Printheadclean for MG6360 

Printheadclean for MG6460 

Printheadclean for MG7160 

Printheadclean for MX726  

Printheadclean for MX926

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